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Unfortunately accidents happen, often leaving everyone involved frustrated and agitated, especially if you haven’t done anything wrong.

What To Do After an Accident

The best way to solve such a daunting situation is to stay calm, think clearly and remember that you decide who fixes your car, not your insurance provider.

It is important to do your research and find a repairer that can quickly and conveniently get your car back on the road safely, without compromising on quality. When deciding which potential repairer is right for you, there are 6 crucial elements that you need to look for:

1.              An experienced team

Finding an established, reputable and most of all highly accredited repairer means that you will be dealing with people who know exactly what needs to be done. Dealing with an experienced company often results in quality workmanship, professional service and peace of mind knowing that your car is in safe, trustworthy hands. 

2.              Constant communication

Managing conversations between multiple parties can be a nightmare, the last thing you need after an accident is poor communication with your repairer. Understanding what is happening, when it is going to happen and how long you have to wait can really help relieve stress. Contrastingly, not knowing what’s going on can drive an already frustrated person crazy! It’s simple; if they don’t communicate at every stage along the way, find somebody who will. 

3.              Fast turnaround

The quicker you are back on the road, with a fully fixed vehicle, the better. Large facilities have the luxury of a well functioning production line that utilise specialised staff at each step of the process. Getting repairs done efficiently and effectively improves customer satisfaction; it’s a no brainer. 

4.              Provide all services

Depending on the severity of your crash, your car might be beyond just panel repairs. There’s a good chance your car might require mechanical servicing or tyre maintenance as well, resulting in your car being moved from location to location at your time and financial expense. Finding a company that can do all aspects of repair servicing means there are lower costs, higher convenience and you know exactly where your car is at all times.

5.              Courtesy cars

Courtesy cars can be a lifesaver, especially for large repair jobs that understandably take time. Being without a car is a major issue for some people, the opportunity to use a courtesy car can really make the difference if you have a chaotic schedule. Whether it is free or at a cost, courtesy cars often result in happy customers.  

6.              Added value

Don’t go to a company that just ticks the boxes. Searching for a repair shop that is willing to go the extra mile and provide some additional services or checks for free is well worth your time. It also ensures that you will receive a safe car that is less likely to experience unexpected failures in the future. 

It’s never fun dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, however taking the time to do your research before choosing your repairer can make all the difference. Finding a company that provides all of the services discussed above is a sure-fire way of keeping the rest of the process quick, professional and convenient.

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