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When you first purchase a car, everything comes “standard” and all you really have is a way of getting from A to B. Given that much of our lives are spent behind the wheel, simply getting to our destination is no longer enough. To make your drive an experience, here are 10 essential accessories that will enable a safer, more convenient and more entertaining journey.

Must-have Car Accessories
1. First Aid Kit:
It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a drive across the country or simply down to the shops, a first aid kit should always be in the car. Being responsible on the road means that you are prepared for any situation and you never know when a bandage, antiseptic or the simple Band-Aid may be required.

2. Roadside Emergency Kit:
An emergency roadside kit can include items such as jumper cables, basic tools and a flashlight. Our cars can sometimes be quite temperamental, therefore this kit can get you out of some sticky situations or allow you to be the Good Samaritan by helping out a fellow driver in need.

3. USB Car Charger:
All of us have numerous digital devices on us at any stage, whether it be our phone, tablet or GPS. These devices have become necessities for basic functioning, and as they are useless when flat, a USB car charger is as important as they come.

4. Bluetooth FM Transmitter:
The dual functionality of a Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to make and receive hands free calls whilst you drive, as well as allowing you to play all your music right through your car stereo.

5. Rubber Floor Mats:
Not only do they increase the life of your upholstery, but rubber floor mats allow you to jump into your car with wet or muddy shoes without a second thought. Then once they are dirty they can simply be removed and hosed down, which can dramatically reduce the time you spend on cleaning your car.

6. DashGrip Gel Pad:
As your pockets are always full of loose items such as your phone, coins and numerous other items a DashGrip Gel Pad creates a secure and convenient location for these items right on the dashboard.

7. Roof Racks:
Roof racks provide the flexibility for additional storage when going on a large trip or simply easier transport of bulky items. Fitting roof racks is very simple and they can be removed when not being used to reduce drag and keep fuel efficiency.

8. Portable DVD Player:
When on a long trip one of the most difficult tasks is finding a way to entertain the kids. Whilst some cars have a permanently fitted DVD player, a portable DVD player provides a cheap and easy alternative to achieve some peace and quiet when driving.

9. Bike Racks:
Another necessity for family adventures! Being able to bring the bikes along with you provides a great source of exercise for the kids as well as an escape from any boredom that might occur with endless days of free time!

10. Air Freshener:
This is possibly the simplest yet most essential accessory you can have. Keeping your car clean at all times can be incredibly difficult, so an air freshener can help mask any odours and with all the various designs available, it can even provide you with your very own fashion statement.

Whether it is a roadside emergency kit that saves the day or a USB charger that rewards you long after you’ve left the car, having the best accessories can make a big difference to your journey. Be sure to pick and choose what’s right for you, it’s a sure fire way to make you love getting behind the wheel!

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