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With vehicles growing more innovative, modern and complex than ever, it is becoming increasingly difficult for workers in the car industry to keep up with constant changes and developments. Euro Image Smash Repairs is proud to announce and endorse the fantastic relationship we have with I-CAR Australia, in which our workers are receiving more extensive and continuous training to broaden our knowledge.

Euro Image Smash Repairs is Committed to Excellence!

I-CAR Australia has developed and delivered technical training to professionals performing in all areas of the collision industry since their launch in Australia in September 2006. As an industry standard and accepted level of accreditation, I-CAR is a valuable program for all companies operating in the collision repair industry. The program focuses on providing post-qualification skills enhancement, training, education and information to stakeholders in the industry with the ultimate purpose aiming to benefit the ability of workers to satisfy the end consumer.

In addition to providing high quality collision training, I-CAR Australia helps businesses in the collision repair industry build a position learning culture and commitment to excellence. A learning culture allows businesses to bring people, processes and technology together to work towards empowering knowledge and better management processes across the board. Euro Image Smash Repairs boasts a positive learning culture and has developed a clear vision for proactively managing knowledge and expertise, continuously improving the quality of work performed and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

To properly repair vehicles after a collision, with everything from looks to safety in mind, a repairer needs dedication, experience, ongoing training and the latest knowledge available. Euro Image Smash Repair’s long-term association with I-CAR Australia shows our commitment not only to offering the best in smash repairs, but also the best training to our valued employees.  Our I-CAR accreditation is extremely beneficial to our company and all stakeholders involved. As a modern and progressive smash repair facility continuing to grow in the repair industry, our team has received ongoing and extensive training from I-CAR Australia, which has provided a competitive edge to our always evolving skillset.

Euro Image Smash Repairs currently holds the I-CAR Gold Class Professional accreditation. This acknowledgment, which is the highest training role achievement is recognised within the collision repair industry and can assure consumers that your vehicle can be trusted in the hands of our workers. By 2016, more than 200 new vehicles and redesigns will enter the market, which may change the process of collision repairs once again. The I-CAR Gold Class program has prepared our workers to meet the challenges of the ongoing changes in the car industry. Thanks to achieving Gold Class, we have shown our customers, our staff and the industry a commitment to attaining the highest standards of professionalism.

In order to be eligible for the I-CAR Gold Class Professional, Euro Image Smash Repairs has demonstrated that more than 55% of our employees are identified in the roles of Estimators, Non- Structural Technicians, Structural Technicians and Refinish Technicians. Furthermore, we have shown the ability to maintain a high level of role-specific training across each of the major collision repair positions. To maintain our accreditation, we have continued to develop the knowledge and skills of our staff to advanced levels through by I-CAR’s Professional Development Program (PDP).

The PDP trains collision professionals in important role-specific expertise and skills. By ensuring that our staff partake in this program, this provides critical information and skills needed to perform complete, safe and quality repairs. Investing in PDP training has enhanced employee development and reduced risks within our own working environment. In addition, the PDP doesn’t just provide new knowledge, it also builds upon existing skills and keeps our skills regularly enhanced.

Euro Image Smash Repairs’ membership with I-CAR Australia has proved to be highly valuable in providing extensive training and allowed our team to understand the importance of continual training and constant commitment to providing the best possible service across the board.

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